The interventions include investigation of genetic resistance to fungal infection, cultural control, the use of novel biopesticides (organic-farming compliant), and competitive biocontrol treatment. Field trials will be carried out in North-West and South Europe and the results will be translated into clear and easy to use management strategies included in MyToolBox.

Objectives of work package 1

  • To implement alternatives to conventional fungicides (suitable for organic farming) for small grain cereals to achieve comparable or better performance to conventional fungicides in reducing levels of biological contamination and mycotoxins by 50%.
  • To integrate cultural control protocols targeting the Fusarium inoculum within crop debris using biofumigation and accelerated biodegradation combined with minimum tillage (50% reduction).
  • To achieve a 70-90% reduction of aflatoxin contamination in EU maize through a) the selection and application of resistant plant cultivars in field conditions (70%) and b) the use of atoxigenic Aspergillus strains to outcompete toxigenic Aspergillus strains (90%).

Management team