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As WP1 leader, Prof. Edwards will be scientifically involved in this WP, as well as contributing towards “Good Agricultural Practice” data of MyToolBox (WP3). He has been a research scientist at HAU for 18 years, Professor of Plant Pathology for the last 4 years. He has led many national projects on the epidemiology and control of mycotoxigenic fungi. He is a member of JECFA (Joint Expert Committee of WHO/FAO on food additives and contaminants) and routinely presents to the UK Mycotoxin Stakeholder Group and the European Commission Working Group on Agricultural Contaminants as an independent expert. He has published 63 peer-reviewed articles and written numerous technical papers. As well as academic research, Prof. Edwards has conducted commercial field experiments on the reduction of Fusarium mycotoxins in small grain cereal for the last 15 years. This has included standard agrochemicals and spray technology for major agrochemical companies as well as biopesticides including fertilisers, plant hormones and biostimulants. Prof. Edwards is also the UK lead on technology transfer activities for mycotoxins within the cereal industry having presented at hundreds of grower meetings and training events as well as having written national guidelines and codes of practice to reduce mycotoxins.