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    Mycotoxins are low-molecular-weight, secondary metabolites of fungi which are toxic to animals and humans even in low concentrations. Their occurrence in various food crops is of major concern since it has significant implications for food and feed safety, food security and international trade.

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    In general, it is estimated that mycotoxins account for 5-10% of annual crop losses worldwide. Considering an average EU-wide production of wheat, maize and oats of about 203 million tons since 2005 (worth about 33 billion €), losses could easily exceed 1 billion € per year.

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    Extreme weather events as a result of climate change is increasingly affecting the mycotoxin map in Europe and world-wide.

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    MyToolBox - "Safe Food and Feed through an Integrated ToolBox for Mycotoxin Management" is a project which goes beyond the field-to-fork approach to reduce moulds and mycotoxins in the food and feed chains.