Prof. Krska visiting a local maize market near Beijing, ChinaMyToolBox will contribute to the impact of creating transparent supply chains for food and feed both in the EU and in China. We will exchange information and share experiences on the formulation and application of biocontrol agents (partner CAAS-IFST, Prof. Liu Yang) as well as on forecasting models and on the use of on-line sensing for environmental factors during the storage of grains and peanuts (partner ASAG, Dr. Songxue Wang).

As part of the MyToolBox long-term collaboration strategy with China, we will establish an EU-China-Mycotoxin Forum as a dialogue platform between China and the EU to provide building-blocks for further EU-China dialogue across a wider range of food safety topics. The EU-China Mycotoxin-Forum will be chaired by Prof. Liu Yang and the MyToolBox coordinator Prof. Rudolf Krska and will receive support from ICC and its current president Prof. Fengcheng Wang.

Our EU-Sino partnership (partner CAAS-FRI, Dr. Jinquan Wang) will also contribute to the standard settings for authorization of mycotoxin-detoxifying feed additives in China. Current EU guidelines for the registration of detoxifying feed additives will serve as examples for possible adaptions of Chinese legislation. This is important as currently, ~475 million pigs are farmed in China, representing nearly 60% of the world's total pig population. A need for more than 54,000 metric tons of detoxifying agents can be estimated in China.

The EU-China partnerships established through the MyToolBox project will contribute to creating transparent supply chains for food and feed imported in the EU and exported to China, which will have far reaching implications for food safety and consumer confidence.