MyToolBox - NEWSLETTER N°1 | April 2017
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The MyToolBox Project - "Safe Food and Feed through an Integrated ToolBox for Mycotoxin Management"- which receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is a project which goes beyond the field-to-fork approach to reduce moulds and mycotoxins in the food and feed chains.  

Below, find our latest news about MyToolBox.
MyToolBox Annual meeting in Castelldefels (Spain)
With one year into the project implementation, the MyToolBox consortium met again in Castelldefels, Spain. During the two days of meeting, the major achievements of the 12 months were shown, and the actions and goals for the following year were discussed. Read more.
First focus group meeting held in Amsterdam
A very successful focus group meeting was held on Feb 20th at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam bringing together those project partners delivering the e-ToolBox platform with potential end-users. Partners from RIKILT and IRIS involved in conceptualisation and design of the platform, presented their ideas to a group of end-users from UK, Austria, Netherlands, Serbia and Ukraine. Read more.
ASAG and CAAS-FRI secured national funding for MyToolBox activities
The MyToolBox partners from ASAG and CAAS-FRI successfully secured funding for their project activities from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. With more than half a million Euros, the various tests can be performed to ensure the practicality of the MyToolBox actions. Read more.
Work Package 2 – Post-harvest reduction strategies
Synergic potential of (pre-)milling strategies to minimize mycotoxins and increase fiber content of wheat-based products:

Several clinical studies from around the world show that a daily consumption of whole grain components can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the development of diabetes, in addition also to a reduction in the risk of cancer and mortality. At the same time food based on grains (e.g. pasta, bread, bakery products) account for the largest contribution to mycotoxin exposure in all age classes, in particular due to the mycotoxins produced by Fusarium spp. Within post-harvest interventions devoted to minimize mycotoxins impact with respect to diet intake, one of the first effective actions is to integrate novel down-stream processing approaches. Read more.  
Work Package 3 – First design of the e-toolbox 
The first design of the e-Toolbox has been developed. This design is used for user feedback on the e-Toolbox. Also, it will be used as the basis for constructing the e-Toolbox. This toolbox will assist all actors in the feed and food supply chain to prevent and control mycotoxins. Read more.
Interview with Work Package 4 Leader, John Gilbert (FoodLife), on, by Jane Byrne: “EU-Sino mycotoxin alliance aimed at ‘level playing field’ in feed additive regulation”
Dairy and pig trials to support the development of EU equivalent regulations on feed additives to detoxify mycotoxins are about to get underway in China. Read full article.
MyToolBox Upcoming Events

Please find an agenda of relevant events in Europe and internationally, where MyToolBox will be present. Event overwiew.
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  under grant agreement No 678012.
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